Abdur Rashid Khan Thakur Foundation

Executive Committee will further give the following efforts to improve the Governance of the Organization.

  • Abdur Rashid Khan Thakur Foundation taking further planned initiatives for creating common and clear understanding within the EC members about their strategic role in the governance of the organization.
  • Participate in developing the Organizational Vision, Mission and future Strategies.
  • Support the Executive Director and assess her performance.
  • Participate in the development of strategic planning.
  • Support in identifying and managing adequate resources for Abdur Rashid Khan Thakur Foundation and deal with the Donors.
  • Ensure effective management of resources.
  • Approve all policies, procedure, guidelines and bylaws.
  • Approve Annual Budget.
  • Enhance the Organization’s external relations.
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability and transparency.
  • Protect the organization from external and internal interference and from any emerging crises.

Members of Executive Committee

Sl.No. Name Designation
Kazi Nazir Ahmed
Mrs. Sufia Parveen Ivy
Mr. Prodip Marcel Rozario
Md. Abdul Hannan Chowdhury
Ms. Pollobi Roseline Rozario

MELA (Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning & Accountability)

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) are the innermost parts of ARKTF’s development initiatives in tracking programme performance and progress, capturing forward-looking strategies and lessons for management. There is an increasing demand, internally and externally, on demonstrating program performance and quality changes. In this consideration, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) unit  has developed M&E system and tools and is providing technical and strategic supports to program management in understanding program progress, the process of maximizing impacts, learning and critical reflections and the way of improving operations. To improve the quality of program delivery, M&E unit conducts different types of study survey, assessment to provide information and feedback to the ARKTF management. The M&E unit is also providing capacity development supports on M&E issues to program staffs so that they can ensure their better contribution in collecting, managing and analyse data and information systematically.